The Novel

A shy boy. A troubled dancer. A lonely photographer. A gifted quarterback. A self-declared misfit. These five strangers’ lives collide with unexpected results when they unknowingly become part of The Corn Husk Experiment.

As all five struggle to overcome what most defines them, they ultimately find themselves in a stadium of more than 75,000 other people who are silently and secretly sharing many of the same battles and emotions.

A gritty look at the ups and downs of everyday life and the experiences that shape us, this novel explores the importance of peeling away the layers of appearances to better understand the core of a person.

"Completely engaging, but more importantly, it inspired deep thinking about life's miracles and 'butterfly effects.' If you like a story that leaves you feeling inspired and moved, then this is a book for you."

- Jerry Posner, Motivational Speaker, Entertainer and Author of Attention Late Bloomers, You're Right on Time 

"The Corn Husk Experiment is a stunning debut and a wonderful piece of literary fiction, and I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. I love books that let me see the world through the eyes of a character who is very different from myself, and on that front, The Corn Husk Experiment delivered five times over."